Jackie Tulos, Social Media and WordPress Expert

“Thank you for your great input about how to improve my business sales process. I am really excited to learn your unique sales-web process.  My close rate has drastically improved  from 10 percent to over 50 percent with just one training session with you! Traditional sales methods and practices don’t work any more.  Your knowledge of consultative selling and how it benefits business owners never ceases to amaze me. If business owners want to learn more about sales-web strategies and tactics, get more sales and create a comprehensive sales-web system, then Kenneth Darryl Brown of eWeb 2 Sales and Profits  is the company for you.”

Targeted Local

Jim Beesley, President, CEO and Russ Berkhan, Vice President of Sales, HR Strategies

“We needed a new company website. It had been a challenge to bring our people together to improve it. That’s where Kenneth stepped in and he far exceeded our initial expectations. As a B2B Sales 2.0 expert, coach and consultant, he became our company website project manager and got the job done! He reviewed our website, its strengths, weaknesses and mapped out an action plan to build a website focused on sales and profitability.

His results and contributions have been tremendous to HR Strategies. First, Kenneth showed us how to design our web pages to attract, connect and convert new visitors and prospects. Second, Kenneth helped us define our company uniqueness and now proudly share it through our website by adding company achievements, accomplishments, testimonials and our unique business benefits and services. Third, he assisted in improving our web presence and marketing efforts by creating an online branding & promotion plan, creating with new content and building a stronger local SEO presence with specific key words. Fourth, Ken improved our social and new media efforts by adding a new company blog, creating two new company audio podcasts and videos. Lastly, he conducted a coaching-training session entitled, “How To Increase Sales & Profits with Your Company Website” for our clients and employees which added value to our company training program.

I recommend Kenneth, his passion and B2B sales expertise make him and eWeb 2 Sales & Profits a valuable asset and an effective strategic partner.”

HR Strategies

Alicia Butler Pierre,  Efficiency Engineer, Equilibria

“If you find that the amount of effort that you put into building an online presence is not paying off, then you need to immediately schedule a session with Kenneth! Every time I talk to Ken, I always walk away with practical and affordable solutions that I can begin implementing to drastically improve sales. Ken stays on the cutting edge of technology and is not shy about sharing what he knows to help others in their respective ventures. People like Ken are rare gems in this oftentimes dog-eat-dog business world and when you talk to him, you’ll want to hold on tight!”


Jayne Burch, B2B Marketing Expert, Marketing Monsoon

“Kenneth Darryl Brown is a master at networking and referral marketing, however, consultative selling is his forte. Ken showed me the most important questions to ask in an initial meeting with a prospect that helped me build rapport and close the deal without being salesy or high pressure. His methods really work! Ken also has the tools to evaluate just the right leverage points and changes in my business that will raise my bottom line. Ken is a creative, high energy and pleasure to work with as a strategic partner. The weekly online networking meetings Ken organizes demonstrates that you can do business anywhere in the world, thanks to technology like the web. The sessions have been educational and a great way to connect with people and businesses I would never have met otherwise.”

Marketing Monsoon

Aileen Harris, Co-Founder and Publisher, GoDekalb

“Thanks Ken for your innovative tools! Due to your coaching programs, I have had much more success in building business relationships and ultimately closing deals. I am also much better at connecting people and being a resource to business owners that I encounter. “

Go Dekalb

Hugh Massey, President, DNA Behavior

“Ken Brown is a highly passionate and focused sales coach. He can really add power to your sales with the integration of technology solutions. Ken loves to help others grow and develop their business through seeing successful sales results.”

DNA Behavior

Karen Rands, Venture Catalyst, Launch Funding Network

“Ken became my Coach, Advisor and “Go-to-Guy” for building my new media marketing campaign. He has been awesome! I feel like he cares more about my business than even his own! That is just the kind of guy he is! He identifies the key goals and objectives of his clients and doesn’t just say “do this or do that” like other coaches….he gets into the game with his clients! He gives me assignments and holds me accountable to get the things done! Ken gets results! He isn’t just a “hired gun”. He’s the “hired gun” and “the sheriff”!  Ken is a great team player and profit coach! This is just what my business needs!”

Launch Funding Network

Adam Bruso, President, Imago Dei

“My business is growing and becoming a profitable entity thanks to your services.   So far you have directed me toward being an entrepreneur not just a computer technician. I have a better sense of where my company is going and how I am going to get there. You have brought clarity to the vision and the mission of my business. “

Imago Dei

Tebbie Davis, President & Creative Director, Image Clarity

“eWeb2Sales  has offered me a wealth of resources, real world experience and a trusted advisor to assist me in maneuvering first through the discovery and cultivation of my passions then building my business model around them. I have had many touchstones and turning points in my career but with Ken I have road map and a guiding light.”

Image Clarity

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